Crazy ways to make money.

Crazy ways to make money.

Making money is essential for living. Today I will talk about some crazy ways to make money.

(1) Professional Mourner – Death is the ultimate truth of life, and mourning is a part of it. Did you know that people make money out of mourning? Well, this is a popular profession in Africa and now it’s even spreading to Europe and America.

(2) Collecting Cans and Bottles from Parties – Parties are going on everywhere, but the empty cans and bottles have to be dumped. Recycling these items can be a way to make money.

(3) A Hangover Helper – Partying leaves many people with a hangover, and it is really difficult to make breakfast the next day. The hangover helpers bring breakfast and sports drinks to replace fluids lost while drinking and that too is for a nominal fee.

(4) Selling Hair – This is another way to make money. You can sell your hair online!

(5) Sleeping – Yes, there are jobs that pay for sleeping. Five-star hotels employ people to test their beds and rooms for sleeping comfort. You can do it periodically and the pay is good. Please tell me if you know more crazy ways to make money.