Paypal and its Operation Separated From ebay

Secure payments by Paypal

Paypal broke away from e-bay last year and has continued as a separate entity. This journey for Paypal has been sweet and sour. The brand that it commands means the market share is still intact in spite of competition increasing. It still commands respect among the global community for its transparent process. Meanwhile, Paypal is reducing the operating systems that it uses, and limiting its operations in some countries. This is being done to consolidate the system towards a mobile based platform. The strategists at this online wallet company are aware that smartphones are going to rule the internet instead of computers in the future. One more area the company is delving into is providing financial data. Paydiant a system at retailers which is a Paypal’s idea that will make shopping cashless. The new CEO has focussed on both retailers and consumers, in order to maximise the potential of online payment. The recent development has been the tie-up with Apple Pay which is the forerunner of digital payment revolution. The path ahead looks really sunny for Paypal.