Save Money By Going For Holiday During Off Peak Season

Save Money by Choosing When to go on Holiday

Off Peak SeasonWe all want to go for a holiday somewhere we can relax and just have a good time. Holidays are in fact recommended by doctors as a way of rejuvenating our bodies and give it a rest.  If you are on a budget, the best time to go for a holiday is during the off peak season. You need to find out what is the off peak season for the destination you desire to go. Last year at this time I booked to go to Greece which was a reasonably good holiday and I am thinking about going somewhere else this year, thought I would share some things that I will be thinking about when I plan.

Off peak season is when very few people go for holiday or visit a particular holiday destination. The beauty of going during off peak season is that almost everything is at discounted prices as compared to peak season.

  1. Some airlines have off peak season ticket prices which are cheaper than the peak season. You are sure of getting a ticket since there are very few people flying.
  2. Since there are few holiday makers visiting a particular destination, tourist related business offer discounted prices. Hotels and restaurant will be competing for the few customers hence price reduction. You are sure of getting the best cheapest accommodation.
  3. You get to enjoy without any hustle. Peak season mean crowded beaches, transport system etc. In off peak season, you get few people and less crowded places like museums, zoos, national parks etc.

So its looks as if it well be an off season holiday for me and I am thinking Turkey as friends went last year and the weather in October was glorious. So starting to search it out, let you know more next time.



3 Tips to save when on a Holiday

Saving Money when on a holiday

Spending more when on a holiday with freedom is how you would act, isn’t it? You would stay in an expensive hotel, eat out of the best restaurant not really caring about money. You would not think of saving money for sure. But in these times which are uncertain you would need to be frugal even in places where generally you are care free. Here are some tips for saving while on a holiday:

  • Plan and rent an apartment – Hotels are places of luxury and should be enjoyed. Well folks I do not think so. Hotels will not let you experience the culture up close. Try out renting an apartment on your next holiday and you will know what I am trying to say. Saving is a natural outcome as apartments are much more economic.
  • Try and cook your own food – Once you have an apartment for the holidays, you can cook at home. This has many benefits. You will be healthier and would enjoy the vacation and saving will be there as you would not be eating out.
  • Carry your own water – The apartment will invariably have a water purifier. Carry a reusable bottle and avoid buying bottled water. You are saving money and also helping the environment.

These are unconventional ways but save you so much money that you will be really amazed. Having cash issues when on vacation is a no go. Short term loans can help you solve you immediate cash issues. Ferratum has the easiest process of getting such loans. You can repay when you come back. It is very easy!

6 Saving tips for a single girl

Being single and saving money seem poles apart right. However one can save more while being single. You have less liabilities to take care and can save much more. These savings will augur well for your future life.

Saving Tips for a single girl

Saving Tips for a single girl

There are certain easy actions which will help you build up a corpus for the future.

  • Start cooking – Ordering pizza every night is not good for physical and financial health. It eats away at you pocket. Start cooking and eat healthy food made by your own hands. It will be difficult to start but believe me the results are amazing.
  • Shop once in a month – Try to be disciplined while shopping. Shopping is exciting but also costs. So, shop for essentials every month rather than stop buying. Carry on the window shopping instead.
  • Set saving targets – When you receive paycheck, set some amount aside as an emergency fund. It will help you save more than not having a plan at all.
  • Reward yourself on reaching saving goals – This acts as a motivation to keep on saving. Set a goal and once you achieve it, reward yourself with a nice outing. This is really good technique.
  • Have a piggy bank – Collect the smaller notes and coins. The change that you get after buying should go in this. You will be amazed by the amount you can have at the end of the month. Otherwise the change just strays.
  • Schedule holidays – Once you plan your holidays in advance you can get cheaper hotels and airline tickets. So save while you enjoy.