Impulse Shopping – big no no!


Online shopping impulse or planned?

I recently read an article that said single women are generally more cautious spenders than men. Note the word generally because I don’t think that is a reflection of my spending habits.  I am not stupid, I hold a responsible job as a manager, I don’t regard myself as having an extravagant lifestyle so why am I always struggling by the end on the month?

To answer myself, I am aware I am a bit of an impulse shopper; I shop online a lot as work hours keep me away from shopping in town. It is so easy just to pop into a virtual shop and pick something up. I am sure there are 100’s of women just like me. So I thought I would share how I am trying to change, well curb my impulse shopping habits.

  • I now have a folder that all my store emails go into direct, rather than my inbox, to curb my “I’ll just take a look’ syndrome.
  • I only look in the folder once every 2 weeks, I am aiming for once a month, and then I delete any that doesn’t have special offers unopened.
  • Sometimes stores will send out 2 or 3 emails in a month with ever increasing offers of discounts so worth waiting for the highest.
  • I don’t shop online during work hours anymore – I wouldn’t go out to the shops then and this eliminates the  “don’t think and buy” element of my shopping as I purchase quickly when I am suppose to working…
  • I have put a time limited on myself for online shopping – I use my kitchen timer!!
  • As all the shopping is done via my credit card I have decided the amount I have to spend each month. Now I have done this before and ignored it when splurging on a “must have’ hopefully with the above aids I can avoid that situation.
  • If I go shopping I only take my credit card with me if I know I am going to purchase something – cant buy if no money. Simple but I am finding it does work. Note to self: Have to make sure I have petrol in the car before I leave home.
  • I am paying off all my store cards and then they are going – currently they are in a drawer rather than my wallet now. I will then only use my current credit card which I change regularly to get the best interest rates. More on that in later posts.Online shopping addiction and impulse shopping