Planned Holiday Shopping

My holiday shopping funds are holding up, pretty well. Since aimlessly looking around for perfect gifts makes impulse spending more likely, I’ve mad a list of the exact gifts I want for each person on my list. I spend no more than an hour locating each gift. Since I have all of my promotional emails in their own folder, I choose the store most likely to have the gift I seek. If that store doesn’t have what I seek, I buy a similar item. Gifts will be small, but meaningful.

Meaningful Christmas gifts are more valuable.

I’m also calculating how much I can spend at each store. My balances cannot go over a fixed amount, which is much less than my credit limit. I can still pay my balances in no more than 6 months, but can pay at least one balance in full before that much time passes.¬†Things are working quite well, so far. My holiday gift giving will not force me to juggle between food and credit card payments!

I found a great article on alternative gift giving, and may propose one of the suggestions to friends, next year. In my drive to live a more frugal life, I’m sharpening my baking skills. I’m considering a Mincemeat Tart recipe for next year’s gifting. I’ll practice it, then wrap a piece for each friend. Since they aren’t great bakers, they’ll love the treat.