6 Saving tips for a single girl

Being single and saving money seem poles apart right. However one can save more while being single. You have less liabilities to take care and can save much more. These savings will augur well for your future life.

Saving Tips for a single girl

Saving Tips for a single girl

There are certain easy actions which will help you build up a corpus for the future.

  • Start cooking – Ordering pizza every night is not good for physical and financial health. It eats away at you pocket. Start cooking and eat healthy food made by your own hands. It will be difficult to start but believe me the results are amazing.
  • Shop once in a month – Try to be disciplined while shopping. Shopping is exciting but also costs. So, shop for essentials every month rather than stop buying. Carry on the window shopping instead.
  • Set saving targets – When you receive paycheck, set some amount aside as an emergency fund. It will help you save more than not having a plan at all.
  • Reward yourself on reaching saving goals – This acts as a motivation to keep on saving. Set a goal and once you achieve it, reward yourself with a nice outing. This is really good technique.
  • Have a piggy bank – Collect the smaller notes and coins. The change that you get after buying should go in this. You will be amazed by the amount you can have at the end of the month. Otherwise the change just strays.
  • Schedule holidays – Once you plan your holidays in advance you can get cheaper hotels and airline tickets. So save while you enjoy.