My Belated New Year Resolution

I have been trying to make both ends meet for the past six months. Imagine what I missed!! The good old New Year resolution. By the time I remembered, it was already February. But I went ahead and made it!

New Year Resolutions

Not being careless I made a point to be disciplines and write it down in my diary. A few things I need to correct from past year. I have a proper list of them, and they are not idealistic but practical.

  • Will stop Lying about making changes – I will make the changes rather than just lying that I will make the changes.
  • Say Thank You – I had erred on this front. I will say Thank You to everybody who helped me.
  • Stop Procrastinating – I am in the habit of leaving it to tomorrow. This habit has to go this year. My life depends on it.
  • Regular Exercise – The laziness has to go. Motivating myself to workout daily is one of the important resolution this year.
  • Complete the incomplete – Revisit the promises I made last year and try to complete most.
  • Quit Smoking – This is the one I make every year. This year I have to kick out this habit.
  • Be Debt Free – Try and pay off all the debt left.
  • Get the iPhone 6(indulge) – I have been saving for it the past two months. Surely this one will be done.
  • Learn French – This has been on my mind. I will make sure I learn it this time on.

These are my resolutions for the whole year. I hope I make the most of them by December.